I so appreciate your wisdom and friendship.  There is no doubt, you are one of the best career sages in the world.

~Anthony S

I can’t thank Rick and the Rockport Institute enough for helping me on my journey to find my ideal career!  I hope that in sharing my experience, other people will be inspired to find their own dream career.  I had reached a point in my career where I knew I needed to make a change.  I spent years reading all kinds of career books and visiting with career counselors.  Then my mother discovered the Rockport website and I made a decision to give it a try and really give the process my all because this was so important for me to figure out.  I was dedicated to giving all the exercises 110% effort because I didn’t want to find myself back in the same old place again.  I took all the assignments seriously and I asked myself the hard questions and dug down deep to discover what it is that I really wanted.  With Rick’s support and wonderful suggestions, I was making progress toward that goal.  And then I felt like I’d reached a brick wall.

I had several careers that seemed to fit my commitments and requirements, but nothing seemed to really stand out for me.  My best efforts seemed to be failing.  I was frustrated and not sure that I was on the right track at all.  But that’s when things really started to happen for me.  Instead of forcing the answer, I simply gave myself a break and let everything kind of percolate for about a week or so.  I didn’t do any further assignments and I took time away from thinking about careers.

It was during that week that I’d remembered a certain path that I’d pursued almost 3 years ago.  I’d interviewed for a position in assistive technology (using computers and other technology to assists individuals with disabilities to be as independent as possible) that I’d really wanted.  But the job went to someone with more experience.  I was crushed, but decided it wasn’t meant to be and moved on.  But it’s funny how things come around again and are meant to be after all.

On a whim, I looked up the position and it was posted again.  The person who’d been given the job had resigned almost a year ago.  I emailed the director and less than 2 weeks later without a formal interview, since they remembered me from 3 years earlier, I had the job!  I have since started my new career and I love it!  I’m certain that this job will lead me even further in the direction I’m meant to go.  There are many possibilities from here, and that’s exciting.  But most importantly, I finally know my purpose and that has made all the difference in my life!  I highly recommend this program for anyone who is search for their career path!


Dear Mr. Duff,

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your help.  The fact that you enjoy what you are doing is also very inspiring.  There are two points you made that really stand out for me among many other helpful interpretations and suggestions. The first is to pick a field big enough and the second is to think what is right with the world with the diagnostic reasoning power.  Thanks again, Mr. Duff.

Have a nice weekend.



I don’t know if you recall, but my son, Brett, was evaluated by you in April of last year.  As I told others, your evaluation was literally saving, in that it helped us understand better how our son thinks and learns.  Though he is still floundering with a career direction, your program “saved” our family as the level of conflict in our everyday lives has been markedly reduced.


Here’s a brief account of my experience working with Rick:

I have been a television photographer for eleven years. Tired of lugging a camera around on my shoulder, I was desperately looking for something more intellectually challenging. My brother bought me The Pathfinder book for Christmas and I thumbed through it. I decided to take the Rockport Test. I found the personality and aptitude testing incredibly insightful. I began to work with Rick Duff whose enthusiasm for his work was a great motivation for me to keep at it. I should add here that I have never been a big fan of so called “self help” type programs. I come from the mindset that an intelligent person can make their own way in life, and that those types of programs and books are something of a crutch or weakness. However, with the Rockport program that was not the case. Rick helped me examine myself, look into what would truly make me happy, and what I would be good at doing.His role was a blend of career counselor and psychologist, concerned with finding a career that suited all my strengths while at the same time helping me be aware of my weak points. I am not the most motivated person with this type of thing, and when I was lagging, he would urge me on.

You definitely get out of it what you put into it.

After seven months I took a job as the writer/producer of promotions at a television station, happy with my new challenge, and confident this is a job I can excel at. It’s a strong possibility I may not have had the confidence, or even the awareness, that this is a job I could be good at and that would make me happy to get up in the morning to head off to work, had I not gone through the Rockport program with Rick. Thanks again.


Dear Rick,
I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for all of your assistance over these past months with The Rockport Institute’s Pathfinder Coaching program. You have been most helpful, encouraging and insightful. The program, with your guidance, has enhanced my clarity about career paths, increased my understanding of the significant role of personality and job fit and steered me in the direction of my dreams.

It has truly been a pleasure working with you! Thank you so very much. I know others will really benefit from time spent with you and The Rockport Institute Pathfinder program.


Hi Rick,
Just wanted to let you know I got the job at Fidelity Investments- I start May 14, as a Business Analyst and am very excited about getting back into the saddle, this time with a fresh perspective.Thank you for all your help!


Hi Rick,
I just want to thank you for your insight and expertise today. I really enjoyed the interpretation conference and I felt very energized and positive after speaking with you and I have not felt that way for a long time. It was the perfect way to end my vacation and to start my new journey. Anyway, I am very glad that there are people like yourself out there to help with this process.


The Rockport Pathfinder Career Testing program, in accompaniment with Rick Duff’s thoughtful guidance, has proven to be a very insightful, reliable and useful resource for me, about me! Not only were the tests interesting to take, but the feedback proved immeasurable in worth and far surpassed the highly anticipated results.

The eye opening experience of receiving the explanation of the results was amazing. It was as if Rick untied my bound wrists, gave me the pieces to the puzzle and showed me how to put it together. So many things suddenly made sense! Finally, I have a map of myself.

After my session with Rick, I continued to review my results and let the information percolate. I understood better how I learn, work and socialize. Within three months of taking the tests I am on the path to a more meaningful life.

I researched opportunities around me and gave a proposal to my superiors. Based on my presentation and the needs of the company, I was rewarded with the newly created position of Marketing and Public Relations Manager. As I put my new found intentions forward other opportunities arose. Recently, through a rather serendipitous series of events, I landed the lead role in an upcoming theater production.

The only regret I have about Rick Duff and The Rockport Pathfinder Career Testing Program is that I did not find them sooner.


To Those that are thinking of Rick’s Consulting services,

The Emergenetics Consultation and the Rockport Personality test are beneficial to all. The range of yourself that it covers is exhaustive and Rick is very thorough and helpful in explaining the results and their implications to you.

When I got in contact with Rick, I was coming out of a transition phase and I found Rick’s consultation to be a good deal of help. It reaffirmed thoughts that I had begun to really think through as well as bring up other parts of my personality that I had neglected to think of, and which have now had the benefit of increased attention.

Thank you Rick.

~D. J., Honolulu, HI

It was great! It was uplifting, confidence building, thought provoking, and it gave me ideas and direction for a new path in life. The information was presented to me in a well-thought-out manner. It was very organized, extremely useful and made sense. I was very pleased.

~Melissa E., Ketchum, ID

I think the test really helped me a lot. Before the test I was a really bad student. I use to be disruptive in class and got bad grades. Now I like school. The test gave me confidence in myself and in almost everything I do. Not only do I get good grades but also, I’m much calmer. I am now second in my class. Knowing what I’m good at has helped a lot. Now I know I need to work more on things I’m not good at.

~ Elliot M. (age 15) Paris, France.

I recently had an Emergenetics analysis session with Rick.  He did a wonderful job of explaining the information contained in my Emergenetics profile.  The session was most helpful for me to get the most out of the profile.  My business partners also had an Emergenetics profile done, so they were able to compare my profile with theirs and see our different skills and preferences.

The Emergenetics profile is a wonderful tool to understand how your brain works. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve his or her work or relationships.

~Eiron S., Ketchum, ID

Thank you Rick for the wonderfully enlightening session.  I loved seeing my combined Emergenetics chart with Dales’ along with the Rockport personality types.  It’s so helpful to see our areas of overlap and those which compliment one another.  What a wonderful tool for couples to learn how to better communicate and appreciate each others differences.  I appreciate your ability to translate and tie the systems together into a complete package.  I look forward to working with you again. 

~Peggy D., Ketchum, ID

Very helpful information.  A great tool for business and relationships. I had great insights into my personal strengths and weaknesses.  I felt empowered with this information.

~Dale B., Idaho

I enjoyed learning these new things about myself and felt that all the information was positive and useful.

~Jodi A., Ketchum, ID

Very informative, enjoyable, and appropriate to my current personal and professional development. It truly was excellent.

~Jolyon S., Ketcum ID

I felt at ease, encouraged, optimistic, and listened to. It was clear, thorough, inspiring, and positive.

~Joan P., Montana