The Emergenetics questionnaire for adults (19+ years of age) is a research-based tool distributed by the Browning Group International, Inc. It is used to determine individual thinking and behavior attributes. (The word “Emergenetics” reflects the fact that the behavior emerging from your life experiences is driven by the genetics of your unique heritage.)

Emergenetics recognizes that all of us have unique talents, some of which are learned and some of which are inborn and hardwired. Although the test is relatively inexpensive (it is taken online in about a half hour, and the results are immediate), its efficacy is inversely proportional to its expense. Based on the latest brain-dominance research, the Emergenetics Profile is an invaluable tool for measuring the following four dominant-thinking preferences against a database of 250,000 people who have already participated in the program.  Here is a sample profile similar to what you would receive.  Along with the profile, you get a 8 page narrative report interpreting how the profile relates to you.  Below are a couple of sample pages of a narrative report.

  • Conceptual Thought : This so-called right-brain type of mental activity gives you the capacity to embrace the big picture, providing the creativity and vision to imagine outside-the-box possibilities as well as new ways to accomplish these ends.
  • Social Thought : Also a function of the right side of the brain, this is the intuitive, people-oriented type of thinking so important in empowering others and team building.
  • Structural Thought: A left-brain function, this type of mental activity enables an individual to create an ordered, practical and relatively predictable environment, where the underlying patterns and rules are recognized and appreciated. Policies and procedures are not viewed as the enemy by structural thinkers.
  • Analytical Thought : Clear, decisive thinking characterizes this left-brain mental function. Analytical thinkers are particularly adept at rational, logical problem solving — a skill that explains their enjoyment of math.

The Emergenetics Profile shows you which thinking styles you generally prefer and which you find less compatible with your character and personality. Understanding your preferences and realizing that your friends, family, or co-workers don’t necessarily approach problems in the same way can make attempts at communication much less frustrating.

The Emergenetics Profile also measures three important behavioral attributes: expressiveness (ranging from quiet to gregarious), assertiveness (from peacekeeper to authoritative), and flexibility (from personal rigidity to putting others before self). These three personality traits are important to recognize when moving toward a new career.

Sample Narrative Report

Sample Narrative Report

Certified Associate Rick Duff utilizes these two Emergenetics-based programs to assist in corporate team building, as well as to help you, his individual client, better understand yourself and others. Taking full advantage of your thinking and behaving attributes will enable you to:

  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Accelerate your learning abilities.
  • Improve and enhance your interpersonal communication skills.
  • Increase your understanding of yourself and others.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Become more adept at creative problem solving.
  • Improve your ability to assemble the “perfect” team.
  • Promote life satisfaction in yourself and others.
For further information about Emergenetics, the link to their website is as follows:

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