Rick Duff has his Masters Degree in Business Administration and spent 30 years in banking, securities analysis, money management, real estate sales, and real estate management and development before he acknowledged he was on the wrong career path.  Having started out in business at the suggestion of a parent, it took an aptitude test to get him to realize business was the wrong career field.  Now he says he will never retire because he is applying his innate strengths and abilities in a career that has real meaning and purpose for him.  Helping others avoid his mistakes has become his passion.

In his quest to become the best career consultant he can be, Rick has furthered his counseling skills by becoming certified in multiple career testing programs including:  Rockport’s Pathfinder Career Testing Program, the Highlands Ability Battery, Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator, Strong Interest Inventory, and Emergenetics Questionnaire.  This combination of aptitude and personality assessments makes Rick distinctive from other career consultants because he is certified in many assessment tools.  Being a career consultant has given him direction in his life, and he is eager to help those who desire his services. Rick has a passion for helping people recognize how they are special and unique, and how to use these qualities to make a meaningful contribution in their lives and in the world.

Because of his long time experience doing something he didn’t enjoy, he has empathy for those who are seeking their right livelihood.  He knows the importance of identifying one’s highest strengths and abilities and directing them towards appropriate and meaningful careers. His broad experiences and interests give him a well-rounded personality to relate to many types of people.  Guiding students to identify their greatest strengths and natural abilities is the key to helping young people lead successful lives.  Rick enjoys working with clients of all ages from 16 – 70 and from countries around the world.  The issues are always the same no matter what the culture or age.  His genuine interest in helping people is acknowledged by his clients and supported by many testimonials.