Rick has been helping students for many years and has found a variety of assessment tools that has proven to give his clients clarity in finding their direction for selecting college majors and determining a future career strategy.  The age group Rick considers students is those people ages 16 to 25.

It is important for students to contact Rick before selecting any of these assessments to determine which ones are the most appropriate for each individual’s needs.  Contact Rick

Rockport Institute 

The Rockport Institute’s Pathfinder Aptitude and Career testing program is a 3 hour test you take one your own time.  There are 13 innate skills to be covered, and this is a highly effective test in finding adeptness in  your aptitudes and personality preferences.  This is helpful in determining your selection for major studies in college.  Rick finds this gives students increased self-confidence, motivation, clarity, and direction in school and in life.

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Highlands Ability Battery for Students

Rick finds this test important because it measures innate abilities for students looking for direction in correctly choosing a college major that best fits their talents and abilities.  A high percentage of college graduates find they have picked the wrong major when they enter the work environment.  This test will help students identify appropriate courses to take, majors to pursue, and best careers to consider.

The Highlands Student Report is specially designed to address the student’s need in making important choices in study and career. This report relates the student’s ability to perform particular innate skills.  The student’s score measures innate aptitudes and the ease with which they can perform them.  Because the test is timed, the student’s score will reflect whether the aptitude comes easily or not.  A student who finds a particular task easy to perform, will be happiest and most productive in work requiring that task.  A student who finds a particular task difficult, is still able to perform the task, but will likely be more satisfied using aptitudes that come naturally to them.

When students know and understand their innate abilities, they are more likely to pursue studies and careers which will produce the greatest measure of satisfaction throughout their lives.

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HIghlands Student Sample Report

HIghlands Student Sample Report


Headed to College Myths

Headed to College Myths

Headed to College Myths

Headed to College Myths


Myers-Briggs College Edition

Rick likes to use this test to clarify your personality type.  This is important because personality often lead to areas of highest preferences.  

Myers- Briggs College EditionTo see the complete Myers-Briggs’ College Edition Report and other tests that Rick uses, click on the link below:


Strong Interest Inventory College Profile

Rick uses the Strong Interest Inventory for those students who need clarity and  direction regarding their interests and possible college majors.  

Strong Interest inventory Profile


To see the complete Strong Interest Inventory Report and other tests that Rick uses, click on the link below:


Emergenetics STEP Questionnaire for Students and Teachers – age 9 to 18

STEP (Student Teacher Emergenetics Program) participants will learn how to:

  • Interpret their individual student profiles
  • Improve performance
  • Build stronger, more creative, and productive learning groups
  • Identify best learning methods
  • Improve personal relationships
  • Raise personal productivity
  • Communicate more effectively

Student/Teacher Emergenetics Profile™

The STEP is an Emergenetics-based program based on a broad body of current brain and behavioral research. This brain-development model recognizes that:

  • Young people have a combination of inherited genetic tendencies that make them think and act in certain ways (nature).
  • These thought patterns and actions are then modified by the young person’s socialization (nurture).

By providing a clear picture of a student’s thinking and behavioral styles, the STEP functions as a tremendous tool for the young person and for his or her parents and teachers. Unlike any other profile or assessment process, this program provides self-understanding and valuable insights into how young people can enhance their own intelligence and make positive changes in their behavior patterns.


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